• dspmania
    Hi Ashkan, I'd like to gain access to the uLink source code too. I have an indie license and please let me know the contact point. Thanks!
    May 2017
  • Caius
    Hi There, We would like to gain access to the uLink source code so we can carry on supporting our clients. Please could you provide me with a contact email. Thanks, Caius.
    August 2016
  • smootler
    Our team would like access to the source code, we purchased uLink for the game name frameshift. Let me know if you need more info.
    August 2016
  • kombain
    Hey Ashkan, I'd like to receive a source code of uLink, since we have buyed indie license in 2013. We are Black Eye Games and the game is Gloria Victis. Please provide us any tedails how to write contract for it.
    August 2016
  • Jog
    Hello, I would like to request for the source code of uLink. We need to move into Unity 5.4 as soon as possible since they fixed bugs we've asked for but uLink don't compile in here anymore. If you want, we will be able to push fixes to compilation to other users. Our mail is info(at) Looking forward for your answer, Kindly Regards, Jan
    July 2016
  • Yukichu
    Cannot post in forum still, replies or new threads. This is why the forum shows little support. Buying a license for source code is not open source. Having to fix uLink issues ourselves in order to be compatible with Unity 5.4 is lame. Well, that's just how it is, life goes on. Please allow us to post in the forum again, thank you.
    July 2016
  • silentneedle
    Hey Ashkan, it seems it's not possible anymore to post in the forum threads, could you check if there's a problem with the forum software?
    July 2016
  • nsmith
    Hello AshKan, You said you would provide some code in one of the treads (see link) Do you know when you could provide that, I been waiting for it for a long time. Thanks
    June 2015
  • Ashkan
    Ashkan banned tonjaorrickig2162.
    March 2015
  • Ashkan
    Ashkan banned yoshikoonoratoiz6146.
    March 2015
  • Ashkan
    Ashkan banned lupitahummerjo3989.
    March 2015
  • ildaralishev
    Hello i need your help concerning MapReduce help in uGameDB branch please
    January 2015
  • Ashkan
    Ashkan joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    July 2012

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