uLink Free announced! Help us decide its features.
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    Greetings dear UnityPark developers!

    The holiday season is upon us and we at MuchDifferent are right in the process of trying to decide on our gift to you! As the title might reveal we have already settled on the idea, but after many wild internal debates we have come to the conclusion that the best thing to do is to ask you how to make this into reality. We therefore invite you to come with your own suggestions and ideas on what features you would like to see in the upcoming uLink Free!

    Head over to the Unity forum-thread here for more information and to overwhelm us with your ideas.

    Happy holidays from all of us at MuchDifferent!
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    I think a free version is a great addition, with limited CCU license (maybe 25 or 50). Besides which, it's been talked about as "upcoming" for 1.5 years now. :)

    This licensing option will give small indie developers the opportunity to get their feet wet with a serious networking solution (as uLink is), rather than be forced to compromise and use a cheaper solution. Once they see all that uLink has to offer, it should be a no-brainer to upgrade to a full price uLink license once their game project is ready.
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    20 CCU is actually enough for just testing and trying out the networking solution. I'm strongly considering using uLink but I have no personal experience with the product and I'd to get some before committing completely to it. Actually, I'd be okay with 6 CCU for trying it for my MOBA game.
  • Is there any update or thoughts from uLink on what model you are going for in the free version, and do you have a release date?
  • did you decide. i agree with just the 100 ccu limit.. somehow..
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    Agreed, any update on this would be very welcome :)
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    Is the team still working on this?
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    Is the team still working on this?

    I'm very interested as well.

    It seems like most of the recent posts on the forum are a bit spammy. Is there any real activity here or should I move my attention elsewhere?
  • Bumpity bump bump. I'd love even a 20 seat type license to get up and running without the show stopper nag i get from the evaluation version.
  • I would suggest just remove 30 days trial, and let people fully use uLink untill they want to make release. When they do release, they will have to buy your product for released project. Without any limits, because any limits can be broken anyway, i dont understand why developers still do this limits and trials in 21th century. Just tell people that they cant legally use your product for released projects, and they will buy it sooner or later.

    I call this model - F2D (Free to develop).
  • @newbprofi that is how the current model works. I've had uLink running for a long time on my game, which hasn't been released yet. Once I've fully implemented multiplayer and happy all is working I will go ahead and purchase the license.
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    I have to agree with Meltdown this is the best approach MuchDifferent allows. Develop, Test then Buy the License. It's really a good approach by them.

    One aspect though that i would make everyone aware of and i don't know if Much Different has had a change of heart on this yet is that they have monitoring code in their servers to keep statistics on their usages. I agree this should be part of the non licensed products but no in their licensed products. Who gives them the right to spy???
  • Any comment on this from the MuchDifferent guys?
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    Hello everyone!
    I know you've been waiting for some official news for quite a while now so let me provide a very short update.

    Good news is the idea is not dead! Despite our previous lack of response to your bumps this idea has not been abandoned by us yet. It just proved to be much more complicated, time consuming, mind blowing and intrinsically dependent on our other work than we could ever anticipate. Saying we are working on it sounds perhaps like such a cliche but that's still the current situation and we can't really say more. I hope that alleviates at least some of your concern about our activities. We are still alive, kicking and doing our best to provide you with the best products possible!
  • I used to develop both with source engine, id tech and unreal. I have been trying to move all of my FPS development to Unity and this product looks like it can go along ways to help this (there are level editors now that operate like hammer for unity). . It will be interesting to see how this holds up to there solutions

  • I am currently part of a team developing a MMO with uLink. Our team members were reluctant to make any purchases before having something worthy of release - not just a test trial but a full product that can be pushed to every detail. Hence uLink was chosen and we are rapidly developing the game with it. We will be purchasing the license right before release though. I am glad that uLink doesn't instate any limits during development.
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    Here in Brazil this product is a lot of attention. Diver├žos Independent developers I know would like to be able to use this product for indefinite time, to gain experience and improve their skills before actually putting your hand in pocket! This is because our real currency is actually very undervalued and this very difficulty acquiring international products!
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    I wanted to chime in on this.

    Paying for uLink is not really the issue for me. The really unfortunate side effect of using uLink can be seen when you switch to a mobile platform (android/iOS) and you try to make an executable.

    I think we all know what happens in Unity Pro when you reference a DLL that uses System.Net.Sockets (uLink obviously does). In addition to the $1500 USD Unity Pro license, you need to pay for the "add-on" Android Pro and iOS Pro licenses @ $1500 USD each.

    If I want to make a mobile game with uLink, I need to come up with $4,500 USD before I can event test it on my phone.

    This obviously isn't uLink's fault. There are some ways around it. I have read people referencing BSD sockets and all sorts of other shenanigans. That sort of tom foolery is not something Much Different (or anyone else imo) should pursue.

    It basically boils down to this. If you are making a game that needs uLink, you really aren't at the "free level" anymore. If you want to play with the big boys, you have to pony up for the big toys.

    Free version is not needed imo.
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    Hi @hasCode,

    Thanks for the feedback. Actually there are some news that might shed a different light on your assessment based on the need for Sockets. A feature that we have been working on with a couple of successful game studios is a socket layer abstraction allowing our users to choose the socket layer for their specific usage. This opens the door to Steam's endpoints, consoles and why not BSD sockets. All this is due with the next major of uLink that will bring many changes to the product.



  • I'm just going to chime in on this. If MuchDifferent is getting closer to having more users a free version would open the door for those of us that have used it for a long time and have pieces sitting around waiting to be turned into assets =)

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