Private repo for uLink community updates?
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    I have an idea, how about if allowed by muchdifferent to share fixes and new features for uLink source code in a private repo on github or gitlab?, member verification would be done by sending the invoice and video of the invoice e-mail to admin of the repo?, not all of us is networking guru or wizard, currently i am having problem converting NetworkView of uLinkEditor into new NetworkIdentity.
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    I actually asked about this a while ago.

    I sent an email to ├ůsa Carild at MuchDifferent on 29 June 2016 asking:

    What's the licence situation with the code? For instance if I want to add a feature to uLink, am I able to make that new code available to other uLink users somehow so they can benefit from it as well?

    I got a reply the next day:

    Hi Bill our lawyer had a bit of serious family issues so the the sourcecode licence wording has been delayed. It would be Fantastic if you create features or fixes and like to share it. If, when you have a plan for these please contact Ashcan, Ill introduce you and ask for an account that can Edit.

    Which sounded promising, but I haven't yet actually made any fixes that I'd consider worth submitting.

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