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    New to uLink and I am kind of stumped here. I have read through the documentation and none of the tutorials are close enough to what I need. I am trying to develop a matchmaking system that will allow someone to search for a random opponent. I have set up an EC2 instance but what I cannot figure out is how can I have 2 clients search for a match and then be put together in a match. Many of the examples want me to setup a server side and client side on the same or virtual machine. I already have an Amazon EC2 server so my next goal is to get people to search and be connected to a match.

    Currently, I have a test scene set up to where when the player selects multiplayer, a script with ConnectAsClient() runs and is supposed to connect the player to the server, but that also isn't working.

    So long story short, I need an example script that shows how a player can press "find match" and then wait until another player joins, all using an instance of Amazon EC2 server.

    Much help would be appreciated, I already have a few completed projects that I want to add multiplayer to so if I can get this working I can also get it production ready for my other games as well.
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    Yeah this is a couple of months old, but if you're just starting out and not already entrenched in uLink, I'd use a different product. Development and support are no longer happening. Use UNet, it's free, and write your own matchmaking server, or buy an asset, or use different product to write it, or... pay for Unity's matchmaking stuff but it seems pricey.

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