uLink source code is available for licensed customers
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    Hi everyone
    Writing this to announce that any indies with the license of uLink (either bought before or after today) can receive source access on gitlab to uLink source code by signing a standard contract.

    There is not much support in the forum as you see here but I wanted to let everyone know this that they can access the source.
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  • Hi Ashkan,
    my company have the license,
    How can I access the source code?

  • We have problems with IL2CPP compiler for iOS, it crashes.
    Removing uLink.prefs file from Resources foldes resolves one kind of crashing.
    But crashing continues with sending RPC from server to client.

    Any suggestions?

    The same project with mono compiler does not crash.
  • Hi Ashkan, we have bought uLink license long ago and are in need for the source. We also sent an email to sales@muchdifferent.com
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    How can I access the source code?

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