Cant connect to Riak DB after installation
  • I'm receiving the following error in unity:
    No ping response from Node {Host: '', Port: 8087}.
    uGameDB.Exceptions.DatabaseDeadNodeException: Node is offline: '':8087.

    I'm running Ubuntu as a VM through Hyper-V and using a legacy network adapter. I can ping the box and ping my computer from the box successfully. There are no firewalls, and when I try the sudo raik-admin test - it passes successfully.

    I'm not sure what's going on and why it won't connect and I've been digging online for hours. Any help would be greatly appreciated because if I can't get this to work, there's no way I'm buying the software. I need to make sure it works as documented for my project.

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  • Ok I resolved the issue. Here's what was going on and what I missed - and this is useful for anyone else trying to figure this out.

    First, visit

    There you will get information on setting up the Riak server so it's visible outside of the server which by default, it's not. Follow the instructions and if you only have 1 node, then pay attention to the Notes on Single Nodes. You have to remove some files as well as make changes to the config.

    Soon as I updated the information from to my ip address, restarted riak, it worked just fine.
  • Oh in further inspection:

    --> SocketException: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

    I've no idea why it would be refused. I'll dig further.

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