Warn: All RPC Params were not read by the Method?
  • Hello,

    I am getting a spamming warning in my console that reads:
    All RPC parameters (78 remaining bytes) were not read by the Method CodeHatch.Engine.Networking.uLinkCallbackWrapper:R declaration

    Does anyone know what might be causing this? If I log the remaining bytes of the bit stream that is received, there are 0 left. What is this talking about?

    My code looks something like this:
    private void R( int id, Player sender, IStream stream, NetworkMessageInfo info )
    Server.ReceiveStream(id, stream, sender);
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  • Here is what the send rpc code looks like:
    networkView.RPC(networkFlags, "R", _tempRecipientList, id, sender, stream );
  • I'm using 1.6.0-beta58.
  • We had similar problems in the past when sending inherited objects through an rpc. Maybe you should try the same RPC without the IStream parameter, just to make sure that the problem isn't related to that.

    What for networkflags are set?

    What fields are used in the Player class? Maybe you need to create a codec for it?
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