Is this framework worth using at this stage?
  • Hello everyone.

    I've been looking for a good multiplayer solution for quite some time now. I was just about to stick with photon server, but I really wanted to find something better and I stumbled upon uLink. Was able to do things with it in a day, that took me weeks with photon.

    As far as I understand, support is discontinued for the framework, correct? So at this stage, is it still worth using it and waiting it out for the open source release? Are there any pitfalls that this framework has specifically right now that aren't being fixed, since so far it has been a smooth ride implementing an authoritative server and getting my logic on it.
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    - No idea when it will be open sourced. Can't be 100% sure it even will be.
    - documentation is still good
    - forum support, dev support, very minimal
    - bugs still exist in framework from years ago
    - easy to implement, difficult to perfect
    - no websocket support
    - possible compilation breaking errors each new Unity release without having uLink update to fix it
    - unknown support going forward (open source?)

    It's really up to you. If possible, I'd use UNet. I use Bolt and uLink. Both are good in their own ways. Really depends what you're trying to do. Forge seems to have dried up. DarkNet or whatever it's called is too basic. Other solutions cost too much. So you're back to UNet or uLink.
  • @Yukichu
    I don't have any experience with UNet. Do you think the current UNet is good enough for production game like MMO? How is it compare to current uLink?
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    I do not think UNet is MMO ready. You'd have to do a lot of it yourself, which you can, since you have access to LLAPI. Just my opinion. UnityPark still has the best 'suite' of MMO type infrastructure in my opinion, but the big problem is that uLink, like UNet and others, has to run in Unity.

    Running in Unity severely limits the amount of networked items you can sync, etc. So one solution is to 'shard' the worlds, use uZone (or write your own) and hope for the best. Other solution is to use a non-Unity network package which would allow 100+ players in the same realm, since you probably will not have much that is server authoritative. SmartFox, Electrosomething or other, Lidgren, whatever... Electro-whatever is Java, Lidgren has bugs, etc. So... it is a lot of work involved regardless of which you use.

    UNet supposedly is aiming for 'MMO ready' but as far as I can tell, those improvements are coming in 5.5 or later. There's benefits to using UNet, notably websocket support and you know it will work with whatever version of Unity comes out. If you don't plan on having a game out for another year or so, I'd 100% use UNet and get started with it (or a non-Unity networking solution depending on your design.) If it's something more short term, err... well, you're making a MMO, so it's probably long-term.

    Even if UNet doesn't offer uZone or P2P functionality, you can write your own, or wait for their version of it to trickle down. Hard to say.

    It's super #^@&#&* annoying that networking is like the #1 thing you need for a multiplayer game, but it's one of the worst aspects of Unity. How many Unity MMOs even exist? I have no idea, but guessing not many.
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    Funny, just read about this:

    I'm very skeptical though, or it's going to cost a whole lot.
  • @Yukichu I thought of Forge, but never dig into it. As to "run in Unity". Last time I talked to Ashkan they were in the process of creating fully functional non-Unity solution, possibly scripted on .NET or able to work with it. I don't want to whine again, but I really miss MuchDifferent. They seemed to be nice guys with good ambitions. World record in 2012, pikko and stuff like that. Look at unitySuite. It is still juiced up considering other solutions. But those break points, which makes uLink impossible to fully use with Unity just breaking my heart T_T
    One day I was talking to Christian on skype. He said they were working for one really huge company, owning a significant part in one of the popular game engines, not unity. Maybe they just left this product in favor of more money. In any case, I think it's a good idea to talk to your customers once in a while. Now I'm whining again :D
  • Yeah, it's called uServer, you can read about it here:

    Pretty cool stuff.
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    uServer sounds awesome. So sad it will probably never come to light.

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