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  • Does uLink support host migration? I don't see any mention of it in the docs. Alternatively is there a way to allows P2P networking to make use of the proxy server to avoid firewall and NAT issues? For the application I'm working on, security isn't a concern and we'd like to avoid having a single, authoritative server if we can. So we'd like to either have one of the players host the server and transfer it between players as they join and leave. Or use mesh P2P networking without requiring all users to be on the same LAN.
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    I don't recall them supporting host migration natively. You'd have to roll your own, or use UNet which will support it, if it doesn't already. I *think* PUN does host migration. Bolt does not. Forge does not (pretty sure.) Can't recall or don't know the others.

    Anyhow, would just have to research it more.
  • That's really helpful, thanks so much!

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