Errors with Prefab Registry - "Missing creator for Prefab"
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    I have a Register Prefab component on my GameController that has all of the Network-enabled Prefabs I am Instantiating. It is an Authoritative Server so in the Server scene it has the Server Prefabs, Client scene has Client prefabs, and Proxy scene has Proxy prefabs. Easy enough.

    However when everyone connects, a bunch of players get:
    Prefab 'Proxy Player' is not registered or placed in the Resources folder
    As well as:
    Missing Creator for prefab 'Proxy Player'

    Which makes absolutely no sense because I am looking at the Proxy Player prefab sitting in the Prefab Registry. I've re-dragged, re-added, deleted, and re-created the Prefab and Registry a hundred times, bug still persists.

    Here's even a picture to show you it's there:

    Anybody have any idea? This is really gamebreaking and halting development.

    Also I am using Unity 5.1 and uLink 1.6.0-beta39 Birgit, which I was told was stable enough for production.
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    Alright so I found uLink_OnPreBufferedRPCs, which I had previously totally forgot about. In the game I was loading a level at the same time as several Instantiate and RPCs were being called, so I went through and buffered the buffered RPCs and made sure the level was being loaded first, and then the rest of the RPCs were being executed.

    TL;DR - Problem fixed by filtering Buffered RPC's.
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    Remember the same code works fine for Mac and Windows client build.
    Now, my client platform is iPad.
    I'm getting the same error and tried your solution, too.
    I have tried using buffered RPCs and also tried uLink.Network.isMessageQueueRunning false before changing the scene and in OnLevelWasLoaded() making it true again.
    But no effect.

    any update on this?

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