UnityPark Suite demo 1.1 is out!
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    Hello all,

    An updated version of the UnityPark Suite demo has been released. It is more than ever a good starting point for your MMO project. It makes use of most of the MuchDifferent technology. It is also meant to demonstrate what we consider good practice with our tools; so even if your project is not a classic MMO this is still a great place to start.


    - uZone was replaced by uZone 2
    - uLobby 1.3 RC was used instead of the previous version
    - uLink 1.5.8 keeps things together.
    - Data persistence was added to the demo using uGameDB. This can be combined with the Vagrant example for smooth setup.


    - Proper clean up of unused zones
    - Minor code refactoring

    Coming up next

    - We are preparing 12 short video clips going through the Suite demo from basic operations to the details.
    - Hopes and wishes? share your thoughts

    Please report any issue found with this demo.

    Still at your service.


    Patrick Juhl
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  • Awesome! :)
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    any chance you guys can provide a vm riak image for vmware?

    i am struggling with vm virtualbox it just do not work on my win7 setup, it keeps on throwing:
    Unable to load R3 module.
    i have reinstall all from scratch and no luck,
    btw iam following the guide from here

    also, thw demo states riak is needed but i dont see any db interaction content, like friends, login etc...
    so am confused.

    also, any news on the short videos tuts?
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    Well for now I don't think we have time to make a VMware based image but if I remember correctly you could easily change that in the config file , see vagrant's wiki for changing the vm drivers.

    About DB interaction , it only has a SaveAnamytics in GameServer, We chose to not add any friend/login because it would make the demo complicated even more. Those can be experienced using uLobby easily but might prepare demos for those later on as well.
  • As for hopes and wishes, bringing the uLink "onconnectionapproval" mechanism into ulobby would be ultra useful.

    We are using uLobby RPC and closeconnection to implement custom authentication. But uLink's connection approval process would make uLobby much more robust in the wild.

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