[Showcase] Pool Elite
  • Hi,

    Finally we have published our mmo billiard simulation game powered by uLink: Pool Elite on Facebook.

    You can play it:


    Our app page:


    Our app center page:


    We are currently in limited beta and working hard to improve the game everyday. We support 8-Ball, Carom and Snooker game modes by now.

    We tried all of Unity Park Suites' products at the start but only used uLink at the end.

    We currently have more than 10k registered users in 3 weeks, everyday they are making more than 1k matches on uLink servers and it is increasing..

    Almost everything works on Azure cloud, and we are trying to make it more and more solid, scalable and social.

    Thank you!

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    Played a couple of games. Very cool, nicely done!
  • Vote Up1Vote Down AshkanAshkan
    MuchDifferent Developer
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    I guess the new socket abstraction layer can be used for supporting TCP, I'm not sure your problem is caused by that or not but please email support@muchdifferent.com We should say your game server logs to be sure on that. You can have test TCP and UDP servers nad give their clients to users to check if those have the problem as well or not. You can see number of uLink dropped packets and rejected ones and ... in stats as well.
  • Vote Up0Vote Down YukichuYukichu
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    I'm at work and can't play through the firewall... but it looks awesome. I'll definitely have to give it a try, looking forward to it actually.
  • Thanks! We are constantly improving it, hope we would collect largest amount of players for a Unity Facebook game.
  • Haven't played yet, but based on the video looks awesome! Back in the days when we were running a Facebook publishing arm, I would've been very happy to publish a game of this quality. You should totally look for a big publisher for this gem.
  • Vote Up0Vote Down PatrickPatrick
    MuchDifferent Developer
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    Accepted Answer
    Just tried it out. Awesome work!
  • Looks great! How may users are you able to support per uLink server if you don't mind me asking?
  • For now I can say we have around 50k registered players and we have an average CCU of 60.

    Everything is going on our own publisher end (our company group has also a publisher division), we are happy with it.

    For now our peek CCU is around 100 (per server) but it will probably increase in the future and I can return to you with updated results.

    Now our problem is around %5 - %10 percent of users can't connect to our server at all and connections of around %5 - %10 percent of users are dropped during their sessions. Our servers are at Europe (Azure virtual machines) but we have users all around the world especially from South Asia and South America, so that would be the case of that failures (heavy packet loses, firewall issues etc). We will try to solve the issues by opening regional servers and match the users according to that, and will see if that makes any improvements to these cases.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down AshkanAshkan
    MuchDifferent Developer
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    @chaosmaker, nice game! Make sure to use latest uLink version because we fixed an issue regarding disconnects in the latest release.
  • In apps.facebook.com/poolelite project we are having connection problems and high pings on some players. Our servers are Azure virtual machines located in West Europe. Players from Asia get high pings like over 2-6 seconds. Its long way from Asia to Europe but 6 seconds still seems too much, or is it normal?

    We are thinking Udp packages cause too many package losses or blocked by firewalls. If we could use Tcp with uLink we would get better connection. Since we don't use state sync, Tcp package overhead is acceptable for us.

    So what Ulink guys think about this, using Tcp protocol will lower ping times?
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    Ok. I see. All the uLink logs were closed. I will start to collect uLink logs starting from the next patch then lets see if we can catch some clue from there.

    By the way how could we use the new TCP layer? Is it coming with the next uLink update? and when?
  • Nice work guys :)

    Played a few games and I really enjoy it. It's really well polished.

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