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    This forum is a shared space for everyone who is keen to discuss the technology and ideas associated with products created by MuchDifferent. As such we would want to keep it a clean and welcoming space to both new and experienced users. We ask all of you to familiarize yourself with the rules and by following them make this forum a great place.

    1. Above all else, remember to respect your fellow users. Everyone is allowed to post, ask questions and give answers. Show appreciation for the initiative of others and treat them the same way you would want to be treated. Foul language is not allowed and will be subjected to moderation.

    2. Before you decide to start a new discussion, make sure you looked through available information. That includes browsing forum threads, reading our documentation and public announcements. Maybe some of your problems are more common than you think and a ready answer is available for quick access.

    3. Before you post, take a quick look on the categories tab on the right side of your screen. Make sure your post will be placed in an appropriate category with a title that well explains it’s content. Not only will it keep the forum clean and organized but it might also help you receive more appropriate feedback on your postings.

    4. Do not spam. Spam will be removed by the moderators.

    5. Follow some common sense writing guidelines: write in English, do not post in all CAPS, space your text so it is clearly readable and please provide as much detail to your possible issues as possible.

    6. Use the various functions of our forum.

         If you want to disclose details on your work or share a simple thought - use the Activity function on your profile page.
         If you find a topic you are rather interested in, follow it by clicking next to its title, and get information on any future updates.
         If you asked a question and someone posted an answer to it that solved your problem, take a minute and accept the answer by going to its thread.
         If there is several answers that solve the problem, vote the most helpful one up.
         Finally, even if someones input did not solve your problem but you appreciate that persons participation thank them by pressing the Thanks button under their post.

    Use those features as methods of feedback for the rest of the community.

    All in all, remember to be respectable, welcoming and polite. We hope you will enjoy your stay around here and be a proud part of this community.

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