How to report suspected security problems
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    Reporting security problems publicly can be a very sensitive as the information might be used against yours and other games leaving them exposed to the same exploitation. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you report these issues directly to the email: support at

    Forum posts that describe possible exploits might be deleted and discussions on best practices on how to manage the security for a game will be detailed in our manual. Thanks for reading!
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    It is already standard procedure and it is great that you bring this up so that I can clarify this.

    Fortunately we have so far been ahead of any security issues as we take this very seriously. Before rolling out a new update, we have our release candidates installed in a few live games which we monitor closely for any possible problem. This is why we know every version we bring public has commercial quality. But there might come a time when there is something we have overlooked. Normally, the reports of suspected security problems are often found to be bugs in the game code and not security issues in our tools. However, these cases would benefit from being here in the forum but now they get resolved through our support system. We will have to figure out a way how we can better benefit the community and not hide things in our internal systems.
  • Due to the importance of this information, and also the large size of the manual, not to mention the fact that not everyone reads every update to that manual, would it be possible for MD to send an urgent email out to all registered licensees regarding any important information such as this?

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